The Blessing of Christ-like Meekness

Do you consider yourself a proactive person who knows how to strategize and get things done? Or are you more laid back, waiting for something to work out, doing what is necessary,  allowing God to work? In some cultures, proactivity is considered rude, while in others, it is required to accomplish anything. Sometimes, it’s hard … Continue reading “The Blessing of Christ-like Meekness”

The Blessing of Seeing God

How’s your eyesight? Have you ever had an eye trauma that required retina detachment, cornea abrasion, or cataract surgery? I’ve had two of the three, one requiring some extensive surgery. If you’ve also required surgical intervention, and if it was successful, you, like me, know the radical improvement after surgery. Colors are more vivid, lines … Continue reading “The Blessing of Seeing God”

The Holy Spirit’s Blessed Assurance

#29 The Holy Spirit’s Certain Assurance Do you have any guarantees, perhaps for a new appliance, a car maintenance agreement, or an electronic device contract? If the guarantee is for accidental or instrumental breakage, we hope we won’t need to use it. We are required to have auto insurance, but don’t want to invoke the … Continue reading “The Holy Spirit’s Blessed Assurance”

Sinning Against God’s Good Character

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Pastor’s Day—what do these days have in common? They celebrate people because we apparently need a special day to remember those we appreciate and respect. I am sure you would agree that we should value the men and women who fill these roles, … Continue reading “Sinning Against God’s Good Character”

Repentance In The War Against Worldliness

So much has changed because of the pandemic. We no longer linger in some places where we used to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe. We have visited restaurants, stores, hair salons, and gyms, knowing that there is some risk involved. But, it has taken a year-long, continuing epidemic to change our viewpoints and habits. This … Continue reading “Repentance In The War Against Worldliness”

Facing Death with Peace

I am dedicating this devotion to the memory of Hannah Ross, Christ’s daughter. I began studying for this devotion last Wednesday, one week ago. It is inconceivable to me that the precious daughter of my friends would die tragically a few days later. God has proved his grace and mercy, along with his sovereign omnipotence … Continue reading “Facing Death with Peace”

God Rules With Peace

“You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.” (Psalms 89:9) “The lot puts an end to quarrels and decides between powerful contenders.” (Proverbs 18:18) Many people would admit to visualizing God as a stern ruler if they are honest. Even Christians who have studied Scripture for decades, and who … Continue reading “God Rules With Peace”